Starting Over and Life's Moments

8 minutes

Welcome to The Mitten Dad Show! Formerly known as The Script-Notes Show, since I last published an episode, a few things have gone on, such as a new addition to our family, and the pandemic has put many things in perspective.
I switched it to Mitten Dad as an homage to my home state of Michigan, giving the content a Midwest flair. But also because, as many out there know, your perspective on life changes as a parent when you become. While I still expect much to revolve around some of my favorite personal finance, business, technology, and sports topics, I wanted to add another layer to parenting. As dads (and dad figures), I believe we all have something to contribute, even if we don't always realize it. My goal is to build a community that allows others to join in and share life's stories, life moments, tips, skills, and more. I would love for this to be a place for listeners to tune into as a hub for that. So much great content and material get lost, and I want to highlight some of that here. 
So with that, if you would like to share, contribute a story, or a life's moment of your own, definitely reach out to me over at or through Anchor, be sure to leave a voice memo! Thank you for listening, and be sure to like, follow and subscribe, and leave a five-star review if able, as it's a huge help to expand the reach!


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