The 50 30 20 Budget and Podcasting to F.I.

17 minutes

Budgets can be daunting.  It might seem like there is an endless laundry list of categories to keep track of at times.  That's where the 50-30-20 budget can come in handy.  The goal, is to limit your after tax income to 50% being allocated to needs, 30% to wants and 20% to savings (extra debt payments can count as savings).  

As a Microsoft Excel junkie, after learning more about this method, I came up with a template that can mirror a lot of the techniques as it relates to this method of budgeting.  It's available on Etsy.  As a special thank you to my listeners, be sure to click the link here (if you have any issues with the link, don't hesitate to send an email to and get 20% off the template!  This link is for podcast listeners only.  Be sure to listen for the coupon code!  I hope this can help you, and others out, so please feel free to share!  I have other templates in the pipeline as well, so any proceeds will go to further that work, so thank you in advance!

On a previous episode, I mentioned the concept of financial freedom, which got me to thinking about how it might relate to podcasting.  I asked if podcasting has led to being more financially free for you in Anchor's Slack channel for podcasters (sign up at, it's a great community!).  I wanted to share a response that I received.  I loved his response.  At this moment, it's helping to fund his creativity, but he already feels rich because of the connections he's made.  How cool!  So would love to throw it to you out there.  Are you pursuing your passions?  Do you feel rich even if it's not allowed you to be financially independent?  Send a voice message or email!  Your story might get featured in another episode, like Mat's!

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Thank you as always for listening, and for your support.  If you get a chance, and could leave a review and subscribe, we would greatly appreciate it! Have a great week!

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